This blog-document pertains to a game project developed by a core team of 9 students at the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2011, entitled: ROMAHEDRON.  The information contained herein is supplementary to the setting of the game, which in short can be described as "Neo Rome," or more specifically a futuristic Roman Empire that exists in an alternate timeline in the year 1152 AD.

The goal of this endeavor is, in essense, to overwrite the narrative aspects: a practice generally encouraged when developing a new IP.  By providing a context for the game that extends far beyond its confines, we are building much more than a 30-minute experience.  We are building an entire world.  We are constructing a world in which real people live out real lives in believable circumstances.  It may seem hyperbolic, but a great number of games successfully give the illusion of a world beyond the game's rules and blocking volumes, and I believe this is chiefly attained by the creation of supplementary materials.  Little of this may directly appear in-game, but its existence will provide depth and breadth to the project.

This image was created by our Concept Artist, depicting a conceptual view of the setting of the game -- an underground labyrinth underneath the megatropolis of New Rome.


DISCLAIMER: Many images contained herein are taken from the Google image search engine, and do not belong to me.  Their use is strictly for illustrative purposes for the words contained herein.  The ideas and concepts described, however, do belong to myself and the other 8 members of Team Roma.  All Rights Reserved.  Viewer Discrection Advised.